Before Grapefruit & Thyme Cake Design came about, we were Ami Cakes from 2016 to January 2019. This rebrand came about because in all honesty, I’ve never been called Ami before in my whole life. I actually hated it… Yet here I was introducing myself as Ami to anyone and everyone that wanted cake. Weird. So hello, I’m Amilia! Let me introduce myself!

I did not go to school to be a baker, unfortunately. I started school as an accounting major… yikes. After getting my AS, I decided accounting was really hard and I wanted to change my major. My mom always asked me why I wouldn’t go to culinary school and my answer? “Why would I go to school for something I already know how to do?” Boy was I wrong. I know nothing! I moved here to Utah County to further my education in Internet Technologies. More specifically, Web Design. Long story short, that didn’t last long. I ran away to Viva Las Vegas with my husband (boyfriend at the time) to find that I really really loved to bake. I found a job at a cute little French Bakery where the whole time I thought, “I could do this. I could have my own bakery.” We moved back to Utah and here we are with our own cake business!

Meet Dave, he’s the best support a girl could ask for! When I said I wanted to start doing cakes, he basically made it sound like why haven’t you started already? He says yes and helps make it happen being on the more realistic side of things. On busy weeks, Dave does help with the bake and keeps the dishes clean. He’s a keeper. You’ll typically meet Dave at the bridal shows throughout the year. He’s a major people person and loves meeting each and every one of you!

We are excited for this business and can’t wait to make more cakes and grow into bigger and better things!